Roselli Retkipiilu Lyhyt

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A back country backpacker's dream! Shorter shaft for compact carry.

Roselli Retkipiilu Lyhyt - Built with all the trait marks connected with Roselli, this axe is a sure favourite among bushcraft enthusiasts and other backpackers! This shorter model (“Lyhyt”) is more compact to carry around in a backpack or, for example, on a snowmobile. The short model is also 100 grams lighter in total weight.

The blade is shaped for good performance when splitting wood. Instead of getting jammed in the block of wood, it will force the block to split.

  • Blade weight approx. 500 grams
  • Total length: 37 cm
  • Total weight: 750 grams
  • Leather sheath
  • Made, sharpened and finishes in Harmoinen, Finland

Retkipiilu means an axe specially made for backcountry use.

Each product is individual, due to the variance in wood grain.

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