Helsinki Forum

Yrjönkatu 29, 00100 Helsinki
Телефон +358 50 443 3975
Звонок международный. По будням с 10 до 14 (GMT+2/3) Поддержка по телефону на английском языке!


По выходным


The Forum store is located on the third floor of the Forum Kukontori, right at the heart of Helsinki. Its location makes for easy access by both car and public transport.

Large collection

You'll find the favorite brands and newest hit products from our Forum store. Helped by our expert staff, you'll find just the right product for your needs.

Upstairs you'll find clothing for urban, outdoors and extreme use.

The downstairs department is largely filled with our huge shoe range. Year round we offer a wide variety of hiking boots, while the rest of the collection changes according to season.

The downstairs department also has our wide backpack and gear range. If you would like a product not found at the store, we will do our best to acquire it for you by order.