Primus Essential Stove Set 1,3L

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Easy to use, powerful and practical. Gas stove with two 1.3L pots.

Primus has developed their stoves towards perfection for years. This set is great for many kinds of use, from picnics and daytrips to Scout use, paddling and demanding trekking use. As the gas burner is integrated into the wind shield, the system is very sturdy. For 1 to 3 people Gas burner power: 2000 W Flame adjustment is done with a simple dial away from any hot components What’s in the box: Wind shield with integrated gas burner Two pots, 1.3 l/pcs Frying pan/lid with nonstick inner surface Handle The stove is “suspiciously” quiet – don’t worry, it’s still effective. Its valve needs to be opened three full turns to reach full power. NB! Gas not included.

Product information

  • Вес: 858
  • Параметры: 198 x 90 mm