Primus Essential Trail Stove

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A very stable and reliable gas stove from Primus.

A great choice for laid-back day trips, weekend outings and longer treks. Just thread the stove directly on a gas cartridge, open the “throttle” and light it up. There are lighter stoves on the market, but this stove has been purpose-built to offer a stable cooking experience: its wide pot supports are integrated, and the entire stove has a low profile. Its flame is slightly wider than that of the most minimalistic stoves out there. Simple, reliable structure: the only moving part in this stove is the gas valve. The pot supports double as moderate wind protectors: the wind can’t blow directly through the flame Laminar Flow Burner technology enables a very compact and low structure Super precise gas flow adjustment enables cooking with a very low flame Compatible with threaded gas cartridges Boiling time for 1 liter according to Primus: 3.5 minutes Gas cartridge not included. Pots and other gear seen in some product photos not included. Primus is a true legend when it comes to stoves. Numerous polar expeditions have trusted Primus products, and us regular folk can enjoy Primus product’s superb reliability and ease of use in a number of activities.

Product information

  • Вес: 112
  • Параметры: 108 x 90 x 60 mm
  • Источник энергии: 2500W