Primus Easyfuel II

A sturdy, solid gas stove.

Investing in quality products is often a good idea: Primus is a highly reliable choice, and all individual components are available as spares, should something surprising happen. The EasyFuel is easy to use, as the name implies. This wide and low stove is not as likely to be knocked over as taller ones, and the three-leg system finds its balance in most circumstances. With a Piezo igniter, use is super easy: just crack the gas valve open and press a button for ignition. Thanks to the wide pot stands and relatively wide flame, this model suits larger pots, for 1 - 4 person use. The gas cartridge is not included. Max. output 3000 Watts Burn time with a 220 gram cartridge at full power: 70 minutes Nylon transport bag included Height 88 mm, width 85 mm, length 160 mm

Product information

  • Источник энергии: 3000 W
  • Вес: 346