Petzl Iko Core

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A super light, rechargeable lamp.

This item cannot be delivered to countries outside of the European union because of restrictions regarding batteries in airfreight.

We expect this product to arrive in stock in mid-September. Order yours now!

The Iko uses the brand new Airfit strap system which is, as you can see, extremely light weight and guaranteed to not induce more sweating. The light is very lightweight, and as the battery is strapped to the back as a counter-balance, this light will stay on your head firmly and surely.

  • Power settings with battery run times when using the included Core battery:
  • 6 lumen: 100 hours
  • 100 lumen, 9 hours
  • 500 lumen: 2:30
  • Flood light and mixed light beams
  • Use as headlamp, neck lamp or lantern: the translucent packing bag doubles as a light dispenser
  • Hybrid Concept: you can use the included Core battery, and if it runs out while still out there, replace it with three AAA cells (AAA cells not included)
  • When using AAA cells the max. output goes down to 350 lumen
  • 1250 mAh battery capacity
  • Charging time: 3 tuntia
  • IPX4 protected, meaning the light endures rain from all directions
  • 5 year guarantee for the light itself
  • 2 year or 300 charge cycle guarantee for the battery

Product information

  • Minimum runtime: 2:30
  • Max. runtime: 100 h
  • Max. output in Lumen: 500
  • Вес: 79