Petzl Helmet adapter for Tikka and Zipka

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Helmet adapter for Tikka and Zipka

Petzl Adapter Kit Tikka andZipka - Helmet adapter for Tikka and Zipka

  • Box contains:
  • Battery compartment cover
  • Adapter plate for gluing to your helmet
  • Fits the following Petzl LED lights (models from 2-2014 onward):
  • Tikkina (E91HB, E91HG, E91HV)
  • Zipka (E93ZY ja E93ZB)
  • Tikka (E93HG, E93HF, E93HY, E93HB)
  • Tikka+ (E98HG; E97HR, E97HB, E97HT)
  • Tikka XP (E99HN, E99HC)
  • Tactikka+ (E89AHB C, E89AHB D, E89 AHB N)
  • Tactikka+ RGB (E89BHB D, E89BHB N, E89 BHB C)

Does NOT fit the reactive lighting Tikka R+ or Tikka RXP lights, or Tikka or Zipka models older than 2014.

After gluing the adapter plate to your helmet, wait 24 hours before taking the helmet to use.