MSR Reactor 1.7 L Stove System

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Compact and economical gas burner for windy and cold conditions.

MSR Reactor -series gas burners are quick and very fuel efficient. Because of their efficiency you don’t need to carry that much of fuel with you. Short boiling time also shortens your waiting time and allows you to continue your hiking sooner. MSR proven quality and durability. Volume 1.7 litres (for 2 persons) Integrated system: stove and cookware are combined into a compact and easy-to-use system In test conditions 0.5 litres of water was boiling in 1.5 minutes Wind protection completely encloses the radiant burner head virtually eliminating the effects of wind which shortens the boiling time and saves fuel Compact: the stove and fuel canister (227 g canister) fit in the pot Internal pressure regulator Burning time with the 227 g canister approx. 80 minutes 1 oz of gas (28 g) boils approx. 2.8 litres of water The pot locks into the burner, which increases the stability on uneven ground Gas canisters are sold separately