MSR Reactor 1,0 L Stove System

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A compact and efficient "windproof" stove with pot.

A compact and efficient “windproof” stove with pot. Thanks to its well protected radiant burner and superb wind blocking structure, the WindBurner doesn’t really mind if it happens to be windy. An internal regulator keeps gas pressure steady for great efficiency and predictable power. 1 liter model: made for 1 - 2 person use The burner, a 100 g gas cartridge and cartridge legs pack inside the pot The heat transfer fin system at the bottom of the pot catches far more power from the burner than a regular pot would do The pot is insulated with a cozy, complete with handle Pot volume: 1 liter The pot connects securely to the stove top Gas cartridge not included. Manufacturer model number: 06898 Ean code: 0040818068984

Product information

  • Вес: 420
  • Размер упаковки: 12 x 15,5 cm