Morakniv Garberg Multi-mount Set

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Sturdy, reliable full-tang knife with multi-mount.

The Garberg suits anything from fishing and backpacking to military use. The Multi-mount system included in this package allows it to be carried in many ways.

  • Blade length: 109 mm
  • Total length: 225 mm
  • Blade thickness: 3,2 mm
  • Full-tang structure: the tang reaches all the way through the grip
  • Backside of blade is sharpened at a 90° angle for easy use with fire steels
  • 10 year material and manufacturing guarantee

The Multi-Mount plate is directly compatible with the MOLLE system when used with the included two wide straps. This strap system also enables carrying in many backpacks. Carefully placed holes and webbing holders allow the sheath to be strapped or bolted onto nearly anything. Thanks to its shape it can even be attached to bars, tubes and weapons. Two leather-strap equipped top adapters are included in the delivery: 1: Closed belt loop (for max. 70 mm wide belts) and 2: Secure flap loop, making sure the knife will not drop.

Handles made of synthetic materials always look the same, but wood handles each have a unique grain pattern - this means the knife you receive will not match the product image 100%. Please note that we do not accept grain patterns as a reason for a product exchange.

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