All Morakniv knives are made in Mora, Sweden. The history of Morakniv started 1891 when Morakniv started to make craftsmen’s knives for work purposes.

Today Morakniv has a wide range of products for many different purposes. There are still knives for craftsmen, but also for outdoor activities and kitchen.

11 товары
Outdoor Axe
54.90 €
Morakniv Outdoor Axe
A no-nonsense, light outdoor axe.
Hook Knife 163 + Tuppi
39.95 €
Morakniv Hook Knife 163 + Tuppi
A more shallow crooked knife. Double sharpening. Leather sheath included.
Eldris Neck Knife Kit
49.95 €
Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife Kit
An EDC knife with neck strap and fire starter.
18.90 €
Morakniv Companion
A popular basic knife with stainless steel blade.
Classic Nro 1/0
Лезвие из карбоновой стали
36.95 €
Morakniv Classic Nro 1/0
A compact and light Mora with 77 mm blade and rat tail tang.
Companion Adventure
18.90 €
Morakniv Companion Adventure
A no-nonsense utility puukko knife with rubberized grip.
Scout 39
39.00 €
Morakniv Scout 39
Your kid's first own knife with a double-sided finger guard.
Garber Full-tang Survival
119.00 €
Morakniv Garber Full-tang Survival
Sturdy, reliable full-tang knife with fire striker and sharpener.
Classic Nro 2
Лезвие из карбоновой стали
38.95 €
Morakniv Classic Nro 2
A Mora with 105 mm blade.
Bushcraft SRT Black
59.90 €
Morakniv Bushcraft SRT Black
For bushcraft and professional use.
Garberg Multi-mount Set
119.00 €
Morakniv Garberg Multi-mount Set
Sturdy, reliable full-tang knife with multi-mount.