Jetboil Stash 0,8 L

An incredibly light stove set with pot.

Jetboil stoves have always been light, but the new Stash takes this even further. Its 8 dl pot doubles as a drinking cup. Excellent for making a hot brew on the go, or for boiling water for rehydrating dried food. The manufacturer has decided to illustrate the meager weight by saying this stove sets weight is the equivalent of a plump hamster. In true Jetboil style the FluxRing system of the pot help with moiling speed and fuel efficiency. Everything included in the kit as well as a 100 gram gas cartridge (sold separately) and a Bic mini lighter (not included in the set) pack inside the pot. The 800 ml pot has measuring lines for water Lid with a drinking hole Included: a cup for protecting the FluxRing, complete with measuring lines Also included: a tripod for use with the gas canister that is not included The burner is made of titanium 5 dl boiling time: 1 minute 40 seconds Power 2600 W The separately available 100 gram gas cartridge boils up to 10 liters of water. The pot is made of hard-anodized aluminium - no sensitive nonstick-coatings, and also no purely bare aluminium.

Product information

  • Размер упаковки: 130 x 112 mm
  • Вес: 201