Fiskars Norden N12 Halkaisukirves

Splitting axe with a composite collar.

As part of the Fiskars Norden product family, the N series axes combine a wooden handle and FiberComp collar. This collar is much more durable than regular wood shafts, making for a long service life. Fiskars has been making axes for more than 300 years. Halkaisukirves* is Finnish for splitting axe. The N12 is made for splitting wood in the 20 cm diameter range. The blade is shaped for best spliting power. Hickory shaft Composite collar High quality carbon steel blade The blade is coated for anti-stick properties and protection from rust Sheath included Made in Finland 25 year guarantee for buyers who register themselves at Total length 52.6 cm Width 19.4 cm Thickness 35 mm

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