Fishbone Fb-02E Bioetanolikeitin

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A bigger bioethanol stove, complete with power adjustment and spill protection.

Ethanol stoves have lots of peaks and perks: the fuel is renewable, they are super quiet and you don’t have to pressurize anything. Fishbone stoves are also spill protected: should the stove topple over, it extinguishes itself and only a small amount of fuel is spilled. This bigger model is best for pots with a bottom diameter of 8.5 to 20 cm. This stove uses liquid ethanol with at least 95% ethanol content. Also suitable for indoor use Power 1300 Watts Small packing size Fuel volume 380 ml Boil time with a full tank: 95 minutes Measurements 155 x 114 mm Weight 600 grams Range of operation: -20 … +40ºC The minimum operating temperature is set at just -20 as that is the lowest temperature available at the testing facility - in reality ethanol can stay in liquid form even at -100ºC. What’s in the box: Stove Storage bag Measuring cup Funnel Dropper bottle Burner cleaner tool Using instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish and Finnish

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  • Вес: 600