Sigg 1,0 Traveller Smoked Pearl

The legendary 1 liter aluminium bottle.

Made of thick and tough aluminium, this bottle is quite different from those cheap’o bottles sold everywhere. For many outdoors people, a Sigg is the only bottle they trust enough to take inside a sleeping bag. Even in situations where weaker bottles would shatter or break, a Sigg usually just receives a little dent. Leak-proof, reliable top, even with carbonated beverages Multi-layered coating on the inside stops aluminium from being infused to your drink – also suitable for carbonated beverages BPA-free Made in Switzerland

Product information

  • Параметры: 257 x 81 mm
  • Объем: 1000 ml
  • Вес: 147
  • Параметры: 25,5 x 8,1 cm
  • Volume, dl: 10