Petromax Dutch Oven Ft 9

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7.5 liter cast iron Dutch Oven - ready for open fire use for 8 to 14 people.

Dutch Ovens are a subgenre of cast iron pots. Coal can be stacked on the lid of a Dutch Oven, enabling great heat adjustment. This model also has three feet, helping keep it above a layer of coals underneath. An uncoated cast iron pot can be handed from one generation to the next: even if it rusts, the situation can always be saved by cleaning and greasing.

The tripod seen in one of the extra images is not included.

Petromax recommends this size for 8 to 14 people.

  • Volume 7.5 liters
  • Lid volume 1.5 liters
  • Weight 11.6 kg
  • Circumference 36.4 cm, height 23.2 cm
  • Base diameter 26 cm
  • Material cast iron
  • Ready for use directly from the package - pre-seasoned at the factory
  • Carrying and hanging handle
  • The lid has a hole for a thermometer
  • The lid can also be used as a frying pan or platter

Cast iron stores heat well and a cast iron pot is the perfect choice for long simmering. Cast iron cookware is “seasoned”, ie the surface is treated by spreading a very thin layer of oil, which is then brought to its smoking point (eg sunflower oil), resulting in a surface that protects the iron and prevents food from sticking. Petromax’s Dutch ovens are pre-seasoned at the factory - you can start cooking right away.

Product information

  • Cast iron
  • Вес: 11600
  • Объем: 7,5 L
  • Параметры: 36,4 x 23,2 cm