The founders of Pacsafe, Rob Schlipper, and Magnus McGlashan have a long experience with traveling. They have been trekking through Asia, hitchhiking through Europe and sailing high seas.

When they slept on the top of their backpacks to keep them safe, had their passports stolen and were crossing sketchy borders with every dollar they had in pockets, they started to make some innovative theft protections.

1998 started Pacsafe has the vision to help travelers embrace life’s adventures. Pacsafe is the pioneer and leader of anti-theft technology for travelers.

9 товары
Prosafe 1000
14.90 €
Pacsafe Prosafe 1000
A popular combination lock for flight travel.
ProSafe 700
12.90 €
Pacsafe ProSafe 700
A combo lock for securing baggage.
ProSafe 750
19.90 €
Pacsafe ProSafe 750
A key card lock for travel use.
Face Mask Silver Ion
19.00 €
Pacsafe Face Mask Silver Ion
A washable face mask. Sizes for kids and adults.
ProSafe 620
12.90 €
Pacsafe ProSafe 620
Two TSA accepted padlocks.
99.00 €
Pacsafe 85
An anti-theft metal net for cases between 55 and 85 liters.
Prosafe 800
16.90 €
Pacsafe Prosafe 800
A combination lock with wire.
RFID Sleeve 25
5.90 €
Pacsafe RFID Sleeve 25
RFID-protected card sleeve.
RFID Travel Case
44.90 €
Pacsafe RFID Travel Case
An RFID protected case for your passport, phone etc.