Nebo Luxtreme SL 75

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A search light with 12V connectivity as well as an integrated battery.

While some torches boast more lumens than this searchlight, the light beam has a lot to say on the matter: thanks to a piercing, narrow beam, the Luxtreme SL 75 reaches as far as 1200 meters.

In addition to the included batteries, the light can be used from a 12 volt source.

The base has a magnet, enabling just slapping the light on a metal surface. Using it on a camera tripod is also possible.

  • The package includes batteries of type 21700, with a capacity of 9000 mAh (3.7 volts)
  • Three power settings with battery run times and ranges:
  • 780 lumen (5 hours, 1200 meters)
  • 400 lumen (10:30, 793 meters)
  • 100 lumen (30 hours, 374 meters)
  • USB charging
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • IP67 protected
  • Fall protection from 1 meter height
  • Detachable belt clip
  • Handle with trigger at front and mode selection at rear
  • Included: light, USB charging cable, manual, batteries and lanyard

Product information

  • Вес: 667
  • Параметры: 12 x 6 x 20,5 cm
  • Max. output in Lumen: 780
  • Max. range: 1200 m
  • Minimum runtime: 5 h
  • Max. runtime: 12 h