Test winner! Sure-working multifuel stove for demanding conditions!

A developed version of the older XGK-stove. Both of them have showed their trustability in a tough use. EX-model is different shape than it’s predecessor and it’s fuelpipe is now bendy. Super reliable, powerful, and, admittedly, pretty loud but in a reassuring way. Burns cleaned bensin, kerosin, light burnin oil, diesel and “95” Very stable pan supporters You can clean Shaker Jet -nozzle by shaking it - an interior needle sweeps smutch away! Packs inside a 1.5 liter MSR saucepan The manufacturer’s minim. weight includes only a stove with a fuel pipe. Pack doesn’t include a fuel bottle.

Product information

  • Вес: 489
  • Вес (минимальный): 374