Mizuno Wave Prodigy 3

Reliable shoes for a neutral gait, men's sizes.

UK sizing This model is also suitable for beginners and those who don’t run all that often: the relatively large heel to toe drop helps project your power forwards. The Mizuno Enerzy midsole offers a great combination of shock absorption and energy recovery Mizuno Wave foam in the midsole structure provides suitable support for the shoe Base thickness at the front: 23 mm, base thickness at the rear 35 mm, drop 12 mm Durable outsole made of X10 alloy Mizuno ratings: * Shock absorption: 3/5 Speed: 2/5 Support: 2/5 On the Mizuno scale, speed refers to how fast of a running pace the shoe is made to work for - not how hard it “enables you run”. The support tells you how much support the shoe provides to a overpronating foot.

Product information

  • Neutral stride
  • Carbon plate
  • Overpronating stride
  • Regular last
  • Вес: 295