Men's Gloves

Thinner gloves are used as is in cool conditions, and as liners in colder conditions. Materials range from breathable synthetics to warm Merino wool. Get the right men's gloves for yourself.
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Kroka Gloves
29.90 €
Halti Kroka Gloves
Windproof, lightly padded gloves for adults.
Ridge Glove
55.00 €
Rab Ridge Glove
Stylish gloves with fleece liner. Touch screen compatible.
Basic Work Glove
Summer Sale
49.90 €
60.00 €
Marmot Basic Work Glove
Leather gloves with thin liner.
Isidro Touch
29.90 €
Ziener Isidro Touch
Touch screen gloves with reflectors, great for running and other sports.
Havu Gloves
Summer Sale
24.90 €
29.90 €
Halti Havu Gloves
Stretchy and breathable gloves.
Power Stretch Connect Glove
Summer Sale
40.00 €
50.00 €
Marmot Power Stretch Connect Glove
Stretchy, highly breathable gloves for men. Wear as is or as liners.
69.90 €
Hestra Skullman
High quality leather gloves without lining.
Dirt Bag Gloves
45.00 €
Black Diamond Dirt Bag Gloves
Durable, high quality gloves.
Ergo Grip Active
119.00 €
Hestra Ergo Grip Active
Quality gloves with windproof membrane and leather palm. Men's sizes.
Neoprene gloves
35.00 €
Arena Neoprene gloves
Thin neoprene gloves especially for ice swimming.
Classic Wool Glove
12.90 €
Lindberg Classic Wool Glove
Wool mix gloves with fleece liner.
Koivu Gloves
39.90 €
Halti Koivu Gloves
Windproof gloves. Sizes for both men and women.
Bow Glove
74.90 €
Haglöfs Bow Glove
Windproof gloves with touch screen fingertips.
Magic gloves
9.90 €
Scandinavian Outdoor Magic gloves
Warm and stretchy one size gloves.
12.00 €
SealSkinz Welney
Merino wool gloves.
Merinowool Liner
36.90 €
Hestra Merinowool Liner
Thin, comfortable liner gloves.
Soiro Gloves
24.90 €
Halti Soiro Gloves
Light and stretchy soft shell gloves for men and women.
Wind Hood Softshell Glove
50.00 €
Black Diamond Wind Hood Softshell Glove
Breathable soft shell gloves with weather resistant hood.
Chaku Sherpa Gloves
55.00 €
Picture Organic Clothing Chaku Sherpa Gloves
Fun sherpa fleece gloves for adults.
Storm Gloves
65.00 €
Rab Storm Gloves
Waterproof gloves from a quality manufacturer.
Men's Powder Lite Gloves
34.90 €
Columbia Men's Powder Lite Gloves
Men's gloves, whose liner reflects warmth back to your body.
Montana Pro GTX Glove
140.00 €
The North Face Montana Pro GTX Glove
Top notch gloves for free skiing and other use where protection is needed from both water and frost.
Exum Guide Glove
150.00 €
Marmot Exum Guide Glove
Great padded gloves with ample leather reinforcements.
Night Hawk Gloves
Summer Sale
34.95 €
54.95 €
Jack Wolfskin Night Hawk Gloves
Comfortable gloves with integrated reflective material.
Etip Hw Fleece Gloves
35.00 €
The North Face Etip Hw Fleece Gloves
Fleece gloves with touch screen compatible fingertips.
Silkwarm Glove
23.95 €
Rab Silkwarm Glove
Liner gloves made of 100% silk.
Kaskaden Glove
27.95 €
Jack Wolfskin Kaskaden Glove
Touch-screen friendly fleece gloves.
Evo Waterproof Gloves
Summer Sale
48.00 €
60.00 €
Musto Evo Waterproof Gloves
Light gloves with a waterproof membrane.
Velocity Guide Gloves
Summer Sale
54.90 €
69.90 €
Rab Velocity Guide Gloves
Quality gloves for versatile use.
Touring Glove
Summer Sale
65.90 €
84.90 €
Haglöfs Touring Glove
Windproof gloves with a fleece liner.
Wool Liner
29.90 €
Lill-Sport Wool Liner
Merino wool liner gloves.
Ironikus GTX Infinium
39.90 €
Ziener Ironikus GTX Infinium
Nimble, relatively thin gloves. 100% windproof, complete with touch screen tips.
Spark Gloves
110.00 €
Black Diamond Spark Gloves
Waterproof and insulated leather gloves, men's sizes.
Stance Gloves
60.00 €
Black Diamond Stance Gloves
Super light PrimaLoft insulated gloves for men.
Transition Windstopper Gloves
45.00 €
Rab Transition Windstopper Gloves
Light, but 100% windproof gloves.
Men's Highloft Glove
49.95 €
Jack Wolfskin Men's Highloft Glove
Men's windproof gloves with touch screen compatible fingertips. Adult's sizing.
Idealist GWS
29.90 €
Ziener Idealist GWS
Men's light weight, breathable gloves.
Etip Trail Glove
55.00 €
The North Face Etip Trail Glove
Breathable gloves for active sports, with a protective hood.
Quest Infinium Gloves
55.00 €
Rab Quest Infinium Gloves
Contoured windproof gloves. Men's sizes.
Irios GTX Inf Touch Glove
39.90 €
Ziener Irios GTX Inf Touch Glove
Lightweight windproof gloves.
Performance All Weather Gloves
Summer Sale
52.00 €
65.00 €
Musto Performance All Weather Gloves
Sailing gloves for adults.
WS Pull Over Mitt
Summer Sale
69.90 €
89.90 €
Hestra WS Pull Over Mitt
Hybrid mitts: use as short finger gloves or mitts.
Midweight Softshell
40.00 €
Black Diamond Midweight Softshell
Warm, great fit and touch screen compatible.
Sailing Glove Long
50.00 €
Helly Hansen Sailing Glove Long
Durable gloves for sailing in conditions where extra protection is needed.
Oden Nubuck
79.90 €
Hestra Oden Nubuck
Tough leather gloves without a liner.
Performance Longfinger Gloves
Summer Sale
52.00 €
65.00 €
Musto Performance Longfinger Gloves
A quality choice for sailing.
Tiilo Gloves
27.90 €
Halti Tiilo Gloves
Waterproof, lightly padded gloves for adults.
Women's Quest Infinium Gloves
55.00 €
Rab Women's Quest Infinium Gloves
Contoured windproof gloves. Women's sizes.
Real Stuff Glove
Summer Sale
19.95 €
26.95 €
Jack Wolfskin Real Stuff Glove
Breathable, lightweight fleece gloves. Thumb and index finger with touch screen compatible fabric.
Cross Warm Gloves
29.90 €
Salomon Cross Warm Gloves
Thin gloves with touch screen compatible fingertips.
Infinium Windstopper Softshell Glove
Summer Sale
49.90 €
65.00 €
Marmot Infinium Windstopper Softshell Glove
Windproof gloves for adults.
12.00 €
SealSkinz Stody
Merino wool base layer gloves.
Kunnar Gloves
19.90 €
Halti Kunnar Gloves
Lightweight, breathable gloves for sports use.
109.00 €
Hestra Bergvik
Men's leather gloves with winter-specific insulation.
Czone Primaloft Flex
79.00 €
Hestra Czone Primaloft Flex
Smart gloves with a completely weatherproof structure.
Lorado gloves
40.00 €
Picture Organic Clothing Lorado gloves
Powerstretch gloves for cool conditions and base gloves.
Nengal Glove
99.00 €
Haglöfs Nengal Glove
Really durable and waterproof glove for winter sports.
Stormlock Highloft Glove
39.95 €
Jack Wolfskin Stormlock Highloft Glove
Water resistant and warm gloves.
24.90 €
Lasting RUK
Super soft Merino gloves. Use as is or as liners under other gloves or mittens.
Men's Apex Insulated Etip Gloves
55.00 €
The North Face Men's Apex Insulated Etip Gloves
Fleece lined soft shell gloves for use with touch screens. Men's sizing.