Lindberg thinks about the children freezing hands and feet. Clothes are designed in Sweden, where temperatures changes from summer days +30C to cold -30C in winter.

15 товары
Explorer Jacket
75.00 €
Lindberg Explorer Jacket
Weather resistant jacket for children.
Explorer Pant
86.00 €
Lindberg Explorer Pant
Children's weather resistant trousers.
Myrviken Headband
17.90 €
Lindberg Myrviken Headband
A fleece lined headband with reflective fibers.
Lobonäs Headband
17.90 €
Lindberg Lobonäs Headband
A warm headband for adults.
Night Light
19.90 €
Lindberg Night Light
Winter hat with traditional looks and reflective stripes.
Handlight Mitten
19.90 €
Lindberg Handlight Mitten
Wool mix mitts with fleece liner and reflective fiber.
Classic Wool Glove
12.90 €
Lindberg Classic Wool Glove
Wool mix gloves with fleece liner.
Ålberga Balaclava SR
29.90 €
Lindberg Ålberga Balaclava SR
Merino wool balaclava for adults.
Classic Wool Mitt
12.90 €
Lindberg Classic Wool Mitt
Wool mitts with fleece liner.
Ålberga Balaclava JR
26.90 €
Lindberg Ålberga Balaclava JR
Merino wool balaclava for children.
Neck Warmer Sport
17.90 €
Lindberg Neck Warmer Sport
A soft neck warmer made of fleece.
35.90 €
Lindberg Sibo
Wool / cashmere beanie.
Kim Reflex
34.90 €
Lindberg Kim Reflex
Children's winter hat with reflective surface fabric.
Myrviken Hat
25.90 €
Lindberg Myrviken Hat
A beanie with reflective fiber.
Anorak Overall
119.00 €
Lindberg Anorak Overall
Warm winter overalls for kids, with an anorak style upper.