Light My Fire

Light My Fire has been made famous by its practical outdoor dish set Meal Kit and its FireSteel products which are able to give out extremely hot sparks even if you’ve managed to introduce them to copious amounts of water. Light My Fire also incorporates design in its products, making for a lineup that is not just functional and comfortable to use but also nice to look at.

Light My Fire
13 товары
Spork Bio
4.50 €
Light My Fire Spork Bio
Spork to take with you wherever you go.
Spork Titan Kit Merino
34.90 €
Light My Fire Spork Titan Kit Merino
Titanium, 17 cm long Spork and transport bag made of recycled merino wool.
MyCup'n Lid
9.90 €
Light My Fire MyCup'n Lid
A durable, lightweight travel, hiking and camping mug with lid, volume 360 ml.
Harness Bio
6.95 €
Light My Fire Harness Bio
An elastic harness for the Meal Kit.
Bio Scout
14.90 €
Light My Fire Bio Scout
Light and compact fire steel set.
Bio Spork Little 2pcs
7.50 €
Light My Fire Bio Spork Little 2pcs
Two 14 cm spoon forks.
27.95 €
Light My Fire Grill
The perfect tool for grilling fish etc. on a campfire.
Firesteel Bio Army
21.90 €
Light My Fire Firesteel Bio Army
Rugged, high quality fire striker set.
Lunchkit Bio
29.90 €
Light My Fire Lunchkit Bio
Lunch kit with all you need.
Firesteel Bio Scout
14.90 €
Light My Fire Firesteel Bio Scout
High quality compact fire steel set.
Spork Titanium Lahjapakkaus
24.90 €
Light My Fire Spork Titanium Lahjapakkaus
A titanium spork in a cardboard box, for easy packaging.
Outdoor Mealkit
34.90 €
Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit
A renewed mealkit, now with a practical "kuksa" instead of a mug.
Stainless Steel Spork
12.90 €
Light My Fire Stainless Steel Spork
Swedish-made stainless steel spork!