Leki Hot Shot S

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  • 115
  • 120
  • 125
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Reliable poles with integrated flask.

The Hot Shot S poles contain a space for your favorite drink. Unscrew the handle, fill up and you’re good to go. Th size of this space depends on the length of the pole: 110 cm: 69 ml per pole, 115 cm: 76 ml, 120 cm: 83 ml, 125 cm: 89 ml, 130 cm: 94 ml, 135 cm: 100 ml.

The Trigger handles lock on to the included straps and separately available, compatible Leki glove. The mechanism lets go if the strap or glove is subjected to torsion. This protects your hands, wrists and arms in the case of a crash.

  • Aluminum shafts
  • Trigger S grips and Trigger Shark Straps
  • Cobra Alpin baskets
  • Carbide tips

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