Leki Makalu FX TA

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Highly packable aluminium poles from the top of the Makalu line.

The extensive, popular, and reliable Makalu product line’s FX TA model combines a technical handle, a very small packed size, and reliable locking system. There is an extension below the handle that works in the steepest sections.

  • Adjustable length: 110 - 130 cm (continuously adjustable)
  • Packed length: 40 cm
  • Aluminum tube section diameters: 18/16/14 mm
  • Aergon Air handles made from 2K foam
  • Speed Lock Plus locks
  • Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0 straps
  • Weight: 298g each
  • Narrow Trekking 2.0 baskets
  • Carbide tip
  • Flex Tip Short, compatible with Leki interchangeable baskets
  • Includes a carrying bag

Product information

  • Вес: 298