At the year 1939 Portland, Oregon, USA started the story of Gerber. Products have a huge fame among hunters and soldiers. Gerber products are made to solve problems and to save lives in unique circumstances.
28 товары
Vertebrae Fixed Green
37.90 €
Gerber Vertebrae Fixed Green
A light and practical knife with Nylon sheath.
Spine Fixed Green
46.90 €
Gerber Spine Fixed Green
A knife with some puukko characteristics.
Freescape Camp Saw
57.90 €
Gerber Freescape Camp Saw
Folding saw.
Armbar Scout Dark Green
49.90 €
Gerber Armbar Scout Dark Green
Compact knife with tools.
Armbar Cork Gold
39.90 €
Gerber Armbar Cork Gold
A compact multitool knife, includes a corkscrew.
Armbar Slim Drive
32.90 €
Gerber Armbar Slim Drive
A light and compact multitool.
Paraframe I Stainless Fine Edge
29.90 €
Gerber Paraframe I Stainless Fine Edge
Minimalistic stainless knife.
Stakeout Silver
59.90 €
Gerber Stakeout Silver
A multitool with hook helping you to extract tent pegs, and a fire striker.
Mullet Solid State
9.90 €
Gerber Mullet Solid State
A compact multitool you can use as a key end.
Ultimate Survival Fixed
69.90 €
Gerber Ultimate Survival Fixed
A knife with ferro rod for fire starting.
Gator Mate, Fine Edge
44.90 €
Gerber Gator Mate, Fine Edge
A compact version of the Gator.
Gator Machete JR
34.90 €
Gerber Gator Machete JR
Little brother of Gator - 26,5cm of cutting edge
Vise Pocket Multi-tool
22.90 €
Gerber Vise Pocket Multi-tool
Compact at just 6 cm when closed.
Strongarm Camp Grey
120.00 €
Gerber Strongarm Camp Grey
A rugged knife with a 104 mm long blade.
Paraframe II DP SE
41.90 €
Gerber Paraframe II DP SE
A light foldable knife with serrated section at the base of the blade.
Mini Paraframe Tanto Folder Black
16.90 €
Gerber Mini Paraframe Tanto Folder Black
A light folding knife with pocket clip.
59.90 €
Gerber Truss
17 tools with guaranteed Gerber quality.
Paraframe Tactical Fine Edge
30.90 €
Gerber Paraframe Tactical Fine Edge
Lightweight folding knife with stainless steel handle.
Suspension NXT Box
54.90 €
Gerber Suspension NXT Box
The newest version of the Suspension, now with 15 tools.
Gator Machete
39.00 €
Gerber Gator Machete
The machete from Walking Dead.
Remix Tactical Tanto
48.90 €
Gerber Remix Tactical Tanto
29.90 €
Gerber Compleat
A spoon, fork, spatula and tongs in a compact package.
Gator Folder CP Fine Edge GB
56.90 €
Gerber Gator Folder CP Fine Edge GB
A popular folding knife at a sensible price.
119.00 €
Gerber Fastball
And EDC folding knife with 3" blade.
Dime Multi-Tool
29.90 €
Gerber Dime Multi-Tool
Compact, 7 cm long multi tool.
Splice Pocket Multi-Tool
22.90 €
Gerber Splice Pocket Multi-Tool
Compact multitool with a 6 cm packing length.
Downrange Tomahawk
389.00 €
Gerber Downrange Tomahawk
Armbar Cork
39.90 €
Gerber Armbar Cork
A multitool in knife form with cork screw.