Feuerhand Pyron

A fire barrel for your back yard. Weight 10.5 kg.

The Pyron is a typical Feuerhand product: with a smart, well designed structure and function plus excellent materials and workmanship, it is made to last. The fire space has a volume of 25 liters, making the fire size comparable to a smallish camp fire. Thanks to carefully designed airflow, the Pyron burns wood almost smoke-free. Body diameter on the inside: 29.5 cm Body diameter on the outside: 36.5 cm Diameter of the feet 44.5 cm Total height with feet: 74 cm Chargoal grate and ash dish The shiny stainless steel surface will get a rustic patina over time - you’ll be able to see the unit has seen use, but the change in colour does not effect function.

Product information

  • Вес: 10550
  • Параметры: 74 x 36,5 cm