Feuerhand Pyron Plate

A sturdy steel plate for the Pyron fire barrel, 13.5 kg.

This 6 mm thick steel frying plate transforms your Pyron fire barrel into a multifunctional cooking station. Note! This product is an accessory to the Pyron fire barrel. The Pyron itself is sold separately. Fuel can be added through the hole in the center. The plate itself is a bit concave, reducing the risk of wieners rolling to their death over the edge. The middle part has a ring that prevents food from ending up in the fire, and can be used for pots, coffee pots etc. as the greatest heat exits here. Three holders keep the plate securely on the Pyron Plate diameter 57 cm Center hole diameter 13 cm Total measurements 13 x 60 cm

Product information

  • Вес: 13500
  • Параметры: 13 x 60 cm