Crocs Classic

The original Crocs model

Crocs Classic clogs are extremely soft, comfortable to wear and mould precisely to your feet. They are extremely lightweight and have holes for excellent ventilation. Combines comfort with an outstanding technical material - Croslite Orthopedically contoured heel, arch support and ankle strap ensure complete comfort Which Crocs are for me? Measure your foot from the tip of your big toe to the heel and then find your size on the chart below: size: length(cm): M4/W6 / 22.0 M5/W7 / 23.0 M6/W8 / 24.0 M7/W9 / 25.0 M8/W10 / 25.5 M9/W11 / 26.5 M10/W12 / 27.5 M11 / 28.0 M12 / 29.0 M13 / 30.0 If you would like to ensure the correct Crocs size, print out the following link Crocs sizing chart(PDF) Note! The Cayman uses M sizes (M = mens —> M6 = W8 = 39)!