Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Kit

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A wood stove in a generous size, without any weight penalties.

Thanks to its larger size, this model not only packs more punch in terms of thermal performance, but it’s also less fiddly to use than its smaller siblings. This Combination Kit includes the Universal Grate which you can use as a grill, a grate for charcoal or wood pellets, or as a platform for a Trangia stove. The manufacturer recommends the Bushbox XL for 1-4 person use. Grab a light weight open fire frying pan with you and enjoy fried foods in the great outdoors! Material: stainless steel Packing size: 21 x 17 x 1 cm Tough stuff pouch included Can also be used as a housing for a Trangia burner or burning Esbit fuel (burner or fuel not included) Holes at the top enable creating a grilling base with tent pegs or other non-galvanized metal items Trivets included Check local restrictions before using a wood stove. In Finland, the rules changed in Spring 2020, and now wood stoves are forbidden when forest fire or brush fire alerts are applied. Also, when intending to use the wood stove outside of official fire places, you need permission from the land owner. When using this stove, like any wood burning stove, consider fire safety with great care. Safety-wise, the best base for the use of this stove is a flat surface of rock. The small embers from the stove won’t harm the rock (unlike a camp fire would), and it’s easy to keep the embers from spreading fire. User manual. The Trangia burner shown in the product video is not included.

Product information

  • Размер упаковки: 21 x 17 x 1 cm
  • Вес: 800