Biolite Campstove Complete Cook Kit

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A battery-charging wood stove with accessories.

Due to restrictions regarding batteries in airfreight, this product cannot be shipped outside of the EU. The Campstove 2+ wood stove is able to convert heat into electricity, which it stores in its internal battery. You can charge phones, cameras, etc. via the USB port. This 2+ model has even bigger battery capacity than its predecessor. Comes with a FlexLight ChromaReal LED that illuminates the kettle during cooking. The fan-equipped cooker burns twigs, cones and wood. The flame is relatively clean because the fan brings a lot of oxygen to the flame. Burning time: 24 hours (fan at low speed), 11 hours (fan at medium speed) 5.5 hours (fan at high speed). This Complete Kit also comes with a grill platform, kettlepot and compatible coffee press. Internal battery: 3,200 mAh Output ports: USB A Input ports: Micro USB Cooking time is 4.5 minutes per liter of water Cooking time: 4.5 minutes per liter Included in the package: CampStove 2+, FlexLight ChromaReal LED, extra storage bags, Lighter, USB cable Check local restrictions before using a wood stove. In Finland, the rules changed in Spring 2020, and now wood stoves are forbidden when forest fire or brush fire alerts are applied. Also, when intending to use the wood stove outside of official fire places, you need permission from the land owner. When using this stove, like any wood burning stove, consider fire safety with great care. Safety-wise, the best base for the use of this stove is a flat surface of rock. The small embers from the stove won’t harm the rock (unlike a camp fire would), and it’s easy to keep the embers from spreading fire.

Product information

  • Вес: 2250
  • Параметры: 201 x 127 x 127 mm