Trangia 27-6 UL

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Non-stick set with a coffee pan.

Trangia 27-6 UL is a lighter stove set for two persons, non-stick sauce- and frying pans! 27 series Trangia stoves take up less space in your pack than traditional 25 series stoves 2 non-stick saucepans 1L each - graded and ungraded Non-stick frying pan 18 cm Coffee pan 0.6 L Size: 18.5 x 10 cm Weight: 938g Note! The nonstick coating can’t handle very high temperatures, unlike non-coated ones. Thanks to being relatively thin, Trangia nonstick products don’t really need preheating, meaning you’ll be wise to put your food in immediately, to minimize risk of damaging th e coating. Only use wood, plastic or silicone utensils with a Trangia nonstick product. Remember to let the burner cool down properly before putting its lid back on - a hot burner can melt the o-ring. Ok, they’re available as spare parts but a bit of patience is rewarded with a leak-free experience.

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  • Вес: 938