Therm-Ic Ultra Heat Gloves Boost

Electrically warmed gloves with up to 10 hour using time. Men's sizes.

Therm-Ic, the true expert of electrically heated accessories, presents the new Boost range. Boost models warm up faster, and to a higher temperature than basic models, and their batteries have shorter charging times. The heat elements are much larger than those of basic ones, wrapping around your fingers and back of hand. The Boost gloves contain ample amounts of recycled fibers. As is expected, the batteries sit snugly in waterproof pockets in the cuff, and you’ll find easy to use operating buttons near on the top. At lower power settings the effect is somewhat mild, and is based on boosting your body’s own circulation. Three power settings, with a max. running time of up to 10 hours at the lowest setting. Surface fabric: 73% recycled polyester, 7% elastane, 20% polyurethane Surface material: waterproof, hydrostatic head 10 000 mm High quality Primaloft insulation, with 90% recycled polyester Liner: 72% polyester, 28% recycled polyester Palm with leather reinforcements Leashes help you avoid losing the gloves Lithium ion batteries (3.7 volts, 3600 mAh/pcs) USB charging cable included Not machine washable. After the season is over, it’s optimal to bring the batteries to about half of their maximum charge, and store them disconnected from the gloves and charger in a temperature between 5 and 20ºC. This helps get the most out of your batteries in the long run.