Therm-Ic C-Pack 1300

Pätevät akut lämpöpohjallisiin.

This item cannot be delivered to countries outside of the European union because of restrictions regarding batteries in airfreight. The C-Pack 1300 is a no-nonsense, high quality battery set for Therm-Ic insoles. One button per battery for simple operation. The batteries have integrated clips for attaching to boots etc. Power settings and run times: Power 1: 11 - 13 h Power: 2: 5 - 7 h Power: 3 - 4 h Run times are measured in a laboratory, and in real-life situations cold conditions tend to effect run times Charging time approx. 6 hours Battery capacity: 2 x 1300 mAh What’s in the box: 2 batteries USB charging cable User manual Compatibility: Therm-Ic Heat 3D insoles, Heat Flat insoles and Heat Kit. Not compatible with older insoles or cables. Therm-Ic insoles sold separately.