Ultralight Gear

This product group contains some of our ultra light gear. These products may require a bit of extra care when used, but reward you with great weight savings.

100 товары
Exos 58
11,610 руб
Osprey Exos 58
A spacious backpack for minimalists, complete with a well ventilated back panel.
42,473 руб
Hilleberg Enan
Super light solo tent for three season use, with guaranteed Hilleberg functionality.
Tarp 5
10,456 руб
Hilleberg Tarp 5
320 grams of Hilleberg quality.
Thru-hiker 70 Wing V2
10,961 руб
MSR Thru-hiker 70 Wing V2
A 460 gram tarp.
Microntrail Regulated Piezo
5,264 руб
Primus Microntrail Regulated Piezo
A light weight gas stove with regulated pressure.
Siltarp 2
7,572 руб
Rab Siltarp 2
Light tarp with lash points, size 2.4 x 3 meters.
Siltarp 1
4,615 руб
Rab Siltarp 1
Light tarp with lash points, size 2.4 x 3 meters.
5,552 руб
Eagles Nest Outfitters SuperSub
Double width hammock, still extremely light weight.
Ultralight Hammock
5,841 руб
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock
Extremely light hammock.
Microntrail Piezo
3,822 руб
Primus Microntrail Piezo
A 90 gram gas stove that fits in a pocket.
Ultralight Hammock Set Regular
6,923 руб
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Set Regular
Extremely packable and light hammock.
Talon 44
9,302 руб
Osprey Talon 44
Versatile pack outfitted for climbing.
Eldris Neck Knife Kit
2,019 руб
2,884 руб
Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife Kit
An EDC knife with neck strap and fire starter.
PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
4,615 руб
MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
A compact and powerful stove together with a one person pot and handle.
Z-Lite Sol Regular
2,884 руб
Thermarest Z-Lite Sol Regular
Z-design lies flat and packs small.
Vital Windshell Hoody
3,461 руб
Rab Vital Windshell Hoody
Superlight hoody for battling the wind.
Mattress Extreme
Сделано в Финляндии
577 руб
Scandinavian Outdoor Mattress Extreme
Thin and superbly light, this 3 mm mattress adds warmth to any sleeping setup.
Spork Titanium
793 руб
1,298 руб
Light My Fire Spork Titanium
Titanium version of the legendary Spork.
Phase 30 Long
27,330 руб
Marmot Phase 30 Long
Top notch summer bag with superbly low weight. +5°C...-1°C. 570g.
PocketRocket Stove Kit
5,769 руб
MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit
Stove, pot and everything else you need in one package.
Superfly Stove
3,173 руб
4,327 руб
MSR Superfly Stove
Compact and easy-to-use gas stove.
PocketRocket Deluxe
4,903 руб
MSR PocketRocket Deluxe
83 grams. The 2019 model of a legendary gas stove.
Bushbox LF Titanium
6,995 руб
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF Titanium
Mid-sized wood stove, made of titanium
4,615 руб
Jetboil MightyMo
A gas stove with regulated pressure and extra precise flame control
Jwp Vest M
4,038 руб
4,615 руб
Jack Wolfskin Jwp Vest M
Легкий и компактный жилет из экологичных материалов.
3,750 руб
4,327 руб
Eagles Nest Outfitters Sub6
Super light hammock: 165 grams! Extremely small packing volume.
Mythic 600
34,829 руб
Rab Mythic 600
Incredibly light sleeping bag for three season use. -5 ... -12°C
Rook 50
8,148 руб
Osprey Rook 50
A 50 liter pack for weekend and multi day use.
Exos 48
10,456 руб
Osprey Exos 48
A spacious backpack for minimalists, complete with a well ventilated back panel.
NeoAir XLite MAX SpeedValve Regular
11,538 руб
Thermarest NeoAir XLite MAX SpeedValve Regular
Comfortable and easy to inflate. Small packing size.
Talon 33
8,148 руб
Osprey Talon 33
Победитель испытаний журнала «Retki»!
Phase 20 Regular 2019
29,060 руб
Marmot Phase 20 Regular 2019
Высококлассный спальный мешок на три времени года с возможностью использования зимой. Предельная комфортная температура: -1,4°C.
Phase 20 Regular Women's
30,791 руб
Marmot Phase 20 Regular Women's
Women's top notch three season bag, with potential for winter use. -5°C...-12°C. 820 g.
Bushbox Ultralight
2,019 руб
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight
Ultralight wood stove with amazing packing size. 70 grams!
Happy Stove
Сделано в Финляндии
2,019 руб
Savotta Happy Stove
Компактная и легкая деревянная печка.
Grumpy Stove
Сделано в Финляндии
2,019 руб
Savotta Grumpy Stove
Компактная и легкая деревянная печка. "Угрюмая" модель.
Ultralight Hammock Set XL
7,499 руб
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Set XL
Ultralight hammock for users taller than 183 cm.
Lightest  Hammock
2,884 руб
3,173 руб
Ticket To The Moon Lightest Hammock
Extra light hammock.
L.I.M III Jacket Women
Экологичный товар
Аутлет Haglöfs
9,230 руб
Haglöfs L.I.M III Jacket Women
Lighter than ever, this is the yardstick for light shell jackets! Women's model.
Lim Proof Q Pant
Аутлет Haglöfs
5,769 руб
Haglöfs Lim Proof Q Pant
Minimalistic and ultra light shell pant for women.
Lim Proof Q Jacket
Аутлет Haglöfs
5,841 руб
Haglöfs Lim Proof Q Jacket
Minimalistic and ultra light shell jacket for women.
Kyte 66 W
11,610 руб
Osprey Kyte 66 W
Women's backpack with 66 liters of space.
Bushbox XL Titanium
9,807 руб
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Titanium
A wood stove in a generous size, without any weight penalties.
Ash Tray Bushbox Ultralight
288 руб
Bushcraft Essentials Ash Tray Bushbox Ultralight
An accessory for the Bushbox Ultralight for use with organic fuel.
Synmat Hyperlite M
10,384 руб
Exped Synmat Hyperlite M
Удобный трехсезонный матрас весом всего 350 грамм!
Mutant 52
10,456 руб
Osprey Mutant 52
A quality choice for ski touring and climbing: a 52 liter skiing pack.
2,884 руб
4,038 руб
Petzl Bindi
A minimalistic rechargeable head lamp.
Rook 65
8,725 руб
Osprey Rook 65
A 65 liter pack for weekend and multi day use.
Streamer 2.0
2,163 руб
Deuter Streamer 2.0
Easy and fast hydration bladder, volume 2 liters.
Streamer 3.0
2,308 руб
Deuter Streamer 3.0
A three liter hydration bladder for on the go hydration!
Micropur forte
1,226 руб
Katadyn Micropur forte
Water desinfection tablets. 100 pcs.
Atmos AG 50
12,763 руб
Osprey Atmos AG 50
Ventilated carrying system, even on the hip belt. Super comfortable carrying.
2,308 руб
LifeStraw Personal
A water filtering straw with 0.2 micron filter size.
3,029 руб
Katadyn BeFree
Suodattava juomapullo: puhdasta vettä lennossa!
Trailshot Microfilter
3,173 руб
MSR Trailshot Microfilter
Grammanviilaajan valinta: taskukokoinen vedensuodatin jonka kautta voit juoda suoraan vesistöstä.
Mug 3dl
144 руб
Orthex Mug 3dl
Classic Plastic Mug
1,731 руб
Morakniv Eldris
Невероятно удобный нож в скандинавском стиле.
UL Suspension Straps
2,091 руб
Sea To Summit UL Suspension Straps
Super light straps for hammocks.
Micro Trail Pro
9,230 руб
Leki Micro Trail Pro
Poles for trail running and fast hiking.
Futura Pro 42
8,653 руб
Deuter Futura Pro 42
New model from the popular Futura line
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