Petzl Tikkid

A safe headlamp for children.

You know the deal: give a kid a torch or headlamp and within a second they will have switched it on full power and stared directly at it from a distance of about 1 cm. During the next second the kid will have pointed the light directly at the other kid’s eye. This used to be great fun when lights didn’t have any real power, but nowadays most led lights are powerful enough to potentially cause damage if stared directly into. Petzl saves the situation as an expert of safe lighting products. This children’s headlamp has reduced power that is sure to be safe for the eyes. It has enough power for use in the camp and inside a tent. It is just as weatherproof and reliable as adult’s Petzl lights. Child safe strap: it opens by itself when pulled with any significant force Glow-in-the-dark lens makes the light extremely easy to find in the dark Works on three AAA batteries (first set included) or separately available Petzl Core battery Power: 20 lumen Power in blink mode: 30 lumen Max. running time: 110 hours Automatic power-off after one hour prevents the light from draining its batteries if unintentionally switched on Recommended for age 3 and above Rainproof (IPX4 protection): 5 year guarantee against flaws in materials and manufacture

Product information

  • Max. output in Lumen: 20