Petzl Tikka 350lm

A nice headlamp that you can upgrade from battery-powered to battery-powered if you want.

The Tikka is what started it all - it was a revolutionary, highly reliable led headlamp with simple functions. This Tikka 350 runs on AAA batteries, but it can be upgraded with a separately purchased Petzl Core battery for charging. Using the separate battery you also get a higher maximum output. A suitable choice for e.g. hiking, camping and Nordic walking. Battery life chart as extra image. IPX4 protection level: withstands rain from all directions Maximum range with new batteries: 70 meters The longest operating time at the lowest power setting: up to 100 hours In addition to white lighting, the headlamp has a red light that saves your night vision when working close up - as a bonus, it does not attract insects in the same way as white The light is delivered with the Petzl Shell Lt Pouch, allowing you to use your lamp as a tent light: the bag can be hung from your tent ceiling, to diffuse the light pattern in a pleasant way New! This lamp can now be used as a bike light, with the separately available Adapter Plate. Petzl is an extremely reliable brand. For a brand that manufactures a lot of cave exploration and climbing equipment, reliable quality is vital, after all, high quality is good for us more ordinary hikers as well.

Product information

  • Max. output in Lumen: 350
  • Вес: 94