Petromax Wrought Iron Pan SP28

Wrought iron pan for many uses: for stove, gas flame, open fire.

Wrought iron is an excellent pan material. The pan made of it is lighter than a cast iron pan, but it has the best iron properties. The pan develops a beautiful patina with grease treatment and over time, and because it has no wearable nonstick coating, the life of the pan is really long. The patina on the surface acts as a kind of anti-stick, but the best way to avoid sticking to food is to use the appropriate grease and control the heat in the pan - food placed in a pan that is too cold or hot can stick. After use, clean the wrought iron pan by wiping with kitchen paper, or by washing with hot water. Dry the pan well and apply a thin layer of eg sunflower oil. Avoid cold pressed virgin or extra virgin olive oil in particular - it does not withstand very high temperatures. Border diameter 28 cm The diameter of the flat part of the base is 21 cm Weight 1.6 kg Total length with handle 53 cm When you use the pan: 1: remove any stickers and the protective film from the pan. 2: soak the pan in hot water and 5 to 10 minutes to remove the colorless preservative in the pan - after this time rub the pan with a dish brush or coarse sponge and rinse 3: now the pan is greased: pour oil, eg sunflower oil, into the bottom of the pan, allow the pan to warm slowly to medium heat and add a teaspoon of salt 4: add heat until the stove is full and stir the oil-salt mixture from time to time with a wooden spatula until the bottom of the pan turns brown 5: Pour off the oil mixture (be careful! The oil is extremely hot!), Rinse the pan with hot water and dry with a clean towel - now the pan is ready for use

Product information

  • Cast iron
  • Вес: 1600

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