Petromax Dutch Oven Ft4.5 Flat Base

A 3.5 liter cast iron Dutch Oven with a flat base - compatible with stoves.

Dutch Ovens are a subgenre of cast iron pots. Coal can be stacked on the lid of a Dutch Oven, enabling great heat adjustment. An uncoated cast iron pot can be handed from one generation to the next: even if it rusts, the situation can always be saved by cleaning and greasing. Petromax recommends this size for 2 to 5 people. Volume 3.5 liters Lid volume 1 liter Weight 8 kg Circumference 22 cm, height 9.1 cm Material cast iron Ready for use directly from the package - pre-seasoned at the factory Carrying and hanging handle The lid has a hole for a thermometer The lid can also be used as a frying pan or platter Cast iron stores heat well and a cast iron pot is the perfect choice for long simmering. Cast iron cookware is “seasoned”, ie the surface is treated by spreading a very thin layer of oil, which is then brought to its smoking point (eg sunflower oil), resulting in a surface that protects the iron and prevents food from sticking. Petromax’s Dutch ovens are pre-seasoned at the factory - you can start cooking right away.

Product information

  • Cast iron
  • Вес: 8000
  • Объем: 3,5 L