Petromax Fire Barbecue Grill 3

A cast iron grill, for barbecuing and use with Dutch Ovens. Made to last!

Cast iron keeps going, going and going - even if its surface ends up a bit rusty, you can always scrape the rust off, re-season, and keep cooking. The sheer thickness of the material makes sure it won’t rust through, unless you purposefully make it a project of yours to do so. The Fire Barbecue Grill is not only a grill, but also an excellent heat source for Dutch Oven cooking. You don’t have to baby a cast iron product like this - if foodstuffs burn on its surface, you can use tools all the way up to steel spatulas without hurting the material. Griddle with height adjustment Adjustable airflow Pre-seasoned at the factory - ready for use right out of the box Proper lifting handle

Product information

  • Вес: 16200
  • Параметры: 42 x 19 x 43.5 cm