Nordic Pocket Saw Manual Chainsaw

Finally! A manual chain saw that is actually useful, and in a big way.

We’ve seen these before – some made of wire, others of chain. It’s a great concept, but most manufacturers just can’t get it right. It’s surprising how many versions just simply fail at the handles, either by simply breaking down in use or by being excruciatingly painful in your hands. Thankfully the Nordic Pocket Saw is here. Designed with great care and made with skill, this fresh model has large handles for real world use. This product has been chosen as number one product in the National Geographic Adventure Gift Guide 2016. Blade chain made of high carbon steel Blade length: 65 cm 33 chain links with blade Large nylon handles The chain and handles can take a force of 5940 Newton (roughly equivalent to hanging a weight of 600 kg) Belt pouch included 5 year guarantee against defects in materials and manufacturing

Product information

  • Вес: 132
  • Размер упаковки: 12 x 9 x 4 cm