Kühl Revolvr Rogue 32"

Stretchy, slightly lighter Kühl pants with tapered legs.

These Vintage Patina dyed trousers age with style. Their legs are tapered below the knee for a more modern fit. With articulated knees and the “Born Free” gusset they also offer great freedom of movement. Tapered Fit model: the legs get narrower from the knee down Articulated knees to allow freedom of motion Vintage Patina Dye ages with style Comfort of cotton and the quick dry of a technical fabric not forgetting about breathability Überkühl™ Stretch Fabric: 68% cotton, 29 % nylon, 3% Spandex, material weight 176g/m² Wash inside out: the Vintage Patina Dye can get streaks if washed right side out Sizes refer to waist circumference in inches. Leg length is always 32”.