Fjällräven Tree Kånken

Kånken carved from wood? Not quite, but made of wood fiber.

Made from renewable Lyocell fiber, the Tree Kånken is a stylish choice. Just like in the first-ever Kånken, instead of having a protruding front pocket, the front panel has straps on which you can hang accessories or extra pockets, and the base straps make it easy to carry a yoga mat, for example. The front panel has a flat pocket for small accessories. The surface material is 100% Pine Weave fabric made of Lyocell fibers The wood fiber comes from Swedish pines The fabric has been treated with wax to be water repellent Adjustable shoulder straps Carrying handles Two flat side pockets and a front pocket The back cushion is easy to grab from inside the backpack for seat base use

Product information

  • Параметры: 36 x 28 x 14 cm
  • Вес: 410
  • Объем: 16 L