Eräpuu Finnish spitz puukko 95

Carbon steel all-purpose puukko, with a Finnish Spitz end brass.

In true Eräpuu style, this puukko is made for real life use but also boasts great looks. The carbon blade can be sharpened to a great edge with traditional whetstones, no need for diamond sharpeners here unless you want to use one. Blade length 95 mm Bade manufacturer: Laurin Metalli Oy, Kauhava Finland Blade material: carbon steel Leather sheath Made in Finland The blade may have a layer of carbon that wears out in use. Remember: A carbon steel blade can rust if not maintained properly. Always dry the blade after use and apply a ligth layer of salt-free oil. Since the handle is made of wood, its grain pattern will be unique and won’t match the image 100%. Please remember that the grain pattern is not a valid reason for a product exchange.

Product information