Devisys Ice-Blade

Ice cleats for very icy conditions.

The TPE rubber body of these grippers is stretched over the heel and toe areas of your shoes, and then you just enjoy the fantastic grip on hardpacked snow and hard ice. Make sure you never walk with Ice-Blades on any floor: regular floors will be damaged permanently and stone floors can cause the grippers to slide around uncontrollably. 10 prongs with 3 tips each, under each foot M = 36 - 41 L = 39 - 46 XL = 45 - 48 Delivered as a pair Shoes not included - this product contains two grippers for the shoe size of your choosing. Grip devices harm several floor materials and can be dangerously slippery on stone and metal surfaces - only use them outdoors and stay aware of different materials. Always tread carefully in slippery conditions, despite using grip devices.