Blå Band Oat Porridge With Chocolate And Banana

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A stout portion of oat porridge with banana and chocolate. Add water, let sit and enjoy.

A porridge made of gluten-free breakfast porridge for outdoor action. The package contains 150 grams of dried ingredients, making for 350 grams of porridge. Ingredients: Gluten-free oat meal 50%, fat-free milk powder, coconut cream powder 15%), cocoa milk, malt dextrine, milk protein), sugar, banana 5%, chocolate 3% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, dextrose, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), salt. Allergens: Milk. Energy and nutrition values per 150 g pouch: Energy: 655 kcal = 2755 kJ Fat: 21 g, of which satisfied 16 g Protein: 21 g Carbon hydrates: 91 g, of which 36 g sugars Salt: 1.6 g

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